Partnership working – visiting the Beaney

An important part of the project has been to meet up with all the other partners at regular intervals and hear what they’ve been up to with their Sensing Culture projects.

The most recent partner day was hosted by our lovely colleagues at Canterbury Museums Service at the Beaney museum.  Having never been to the Beaney before, I was looking forward to exploring the galleries as well as hearing all about their Sensing Culture project.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the day was to hear the culmination of their Arts Award project.  Blind and partially sighted children from 2 local schools had worked with composer Richard Navarro, to create musical pieces based on their interaction with objects at the Beaney and Canterbury Catherdral.  It was wonderful to watch and hear their own compositions, as well as the extraordinary sight of one pupil “playing” the bird case!  Using technology similar to that of used by some games consoles, he was able to move his hand across the front of the case and trigger the birdsong of some of the birds in the case.  It was nice to see a different form of twitter for a change!

Beaney arts award music

We were also able to visit the exhibition which displayed work produced during workshops carried out during workshops led by artists Wendy Dawes and Claire Buckley.  You can read more about their fantastic project at

It was interesting, not only to see the work, but to also hear how about all the work behind the workshops and to see how the Beaney had staged their exhibition and their advice on what had worked and was hadn’t.  It was all food for thought and full of lots of good ideas for any future work we might do here at Oxford.

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