Sensing Culture leads on to new project

Oxford University IT department runs an IT innovation grant, looking for project ideas from staff which involve the innovate use of technology in a wider range of different areas.

Throughout the project, we noticed how well raised images can help use interpret our collection during the touch tours.  But again, we saw that it only really worked when there was a member of staff or volunteer on hand to help guide the user through the image and describe various aspects of the image.  We felt there could be a potential project in discovering how sound could be embedded into the images, in a way that would allow the users to explore the images how they wanted to.

We were lucky enough to be awarded a grant for an 18 month project which will look at developing raised images of the Ashmolean’s artworks that will also have embedded audio.

We were only able to achieve this grant funding do to the work and partnerships that has already been carried out through the Sensing Culture project.  We also have established links within the blind and partially sighted community which we can help us ensure we work in partnership to ensure whatever we produce meets the needs of our audience.

We were able to see an opportunity for progressing the work we’ve been doing with Sensing Culture and move it forward into an exciting new area.

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