What we’ll be doing

The overall aim of the project is to enable blind and partially sighted people to have a better experience when visiting our museums and be able to visit more independently. There are 4 main aspects to the project.

  •  Focus Group

 We will be setting up a focus group of local blind and partially sighted people who will consult with us on all aspects of the project to ensure that their needs are properly met.

  •  Meet the Museum kits

 We will be providing wayfinding and orientation information, which will be available at the front desk of each museum. This will include large print guides, braille, and a self-led audio described welcome to each museum. All of these will help to provide a better introduction for people with sight loss. We will also be looking at appropriate ways of training staff in visual impairment awareness.

  •  Bookable Touch Tours

There will also be a series of new audio described touch tours across all the museums. These will be bookable tours focussing on particular themes and special exhibitions.

  •  Audio Description on Request

We will be developing a training programme for museum tour guides in audio description. This will allow for any blind or partially sighted visitor to request audio description as part of an advertised guided tour, rather than having to be part of a special programme.

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